Protect your business data online with Cloud Hosting

Develop cloud-first strategies

The team will work with you to develop potential cloud-first strategies. A cloud-first business strategy will look different for every business: some will store important information and work on the cloud for security reasons; others will store important and useful applications to increase access and use. Done well, a cloud-first strategy will yield a competitive edge and greater profitability.

Practice workload placement analysis

Regular workload placement analysis will ensure that projects are making the most of the features and options offered by cloud hosting.

Plan the transition

During the implementation of cloud hosting services, it is important to plan how the business will transition to making use of this system. This can happen over a long period of time, as separate individuals and departments make the transition.

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Benefits of adopting cloud hosting for oganisations

Flexible Pricing Structure

Cloud hosting with Digitally Visible maintains flexible and scalable pricing—you only need to pay for what you need, as you use it.

Very Easy to Scale Server Resources

An intuitive management dashboard allows you to review your sites performance in real time. You can also use the dashboard to scale server resources without having to wait for approval from your hosting provider.

Redundant Server Environment

Cloud hosting provides server redundancies—even if the main host server goes down, another server in the cloud can keep your site online while the problems are fixed.

High Uptime and Availability

The uptime of a site using traditional hosting methods depends on the physical server environments and is easily susceptible to physical issues and costs. Cloud hosting uses multiple servers to ensure that your site is always available to the public. Plus, with the ability to scale server resources, you site will not go offline from surges of unexpected traffic.

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Cloud hosting is a vital component of modern business practices. Done properly, using the cloud can transform and improve business practices to new and competitive heights.

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