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Get customers on-board

On-boarding is a process of welcoming new customers to a business. This process focuses on building customer loyalty and advocacy. This is an important step in capturing your customers interest and maintaining this interest to maintain brand engagement and create brand loyalty.

Inform your customer

Once you have successfully gathered your customer’s data and made a worthwhile connection with them, it is time to distribute your first round of company and product material. It is important to ease customers into this step; a simple introduction to your company and your company’s social media platforms might be sufficient.


Once you have solidified this connection with your client, you can start to send them more promotional material. This material can go directly to your client through email and SMS networking systems, ensuring a more solid connection. It is important this promotional material is not too frequent, or your customer might be dissuaded; however, regular materials can act to entice your customer to engage and buy from your business.

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Benefits of a Email and SMS marketing strategy tailored to your organisation

Direct to your customer

Email marketing and SMS are permission based. This means that a customer has knowingly consented to receive information and marketing materials from you on these platforms. These platforms are invaluable as they send content straight to your target customer, rather than using ads or marketing strategies that rely on a customer seeing the content.

Build relationships

Because this content goes directly to your customer, you can utilise these platforms to create and main a relationship with your customer. Short texts and longer emails can work to create a solid relationship between your business and your client. These methods can be useful in helping to push subscribers—and pre-existing customers—to buy or re-buy.

Prepare subscribers via text

When sending your customers information, it is important to keep your texts short. Most customers will not want to receive excess information via their personal phone, so you should ensure you save texts for important information or major product releases. However, these texts can be used to direct customers to their email for further information and prepare them for an upcoming announcement or product release.

Leverage feedback

Through your email list, you can directly ask customers for feedback. This feedback can be used to improve your marketing strategy or product and identify any gaps in your research.

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