Website Development

Whether you need a website, web application, or custom browser applications, we ensure that the best and most appropriate technology is used to meet your unique requirements.

eCommerce Development

eCommerce is an important pillar of online business—it turns visitors to your website into potential customers. Our eCommerce development considers your inventory, payment systems, delivery and reporting needs and helps you select, learn, and implement the best content management system for you.

Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting has a variety of benefits for your online platforms. It smooths out the time it takes for your website to load for anyone, anywhere in the world; and it protects your online platforms from attacks, and physical weaknesses, such as server crashing.


eLearning platforms offer users an education experience outside the traditional classroom. Digitally Visible has developed numerous modular platforms and eLearning materials for both children and adults that can be adapted to your needs. These platforms can offer content in the form of videos, games, download, and forums.

Our Process


The development team works closely with the design team to determine the scope of a project. We identify any pressing issues; client pain points; goals and objectives; and the required features and functionality to meet these needs. User stories are generated from user personas—they outline the goals and movements of typical visitors to your website. These specifications inform the sitemap, which is used to develop wireframes and further inform the next stage of development.


Once a product has been designed, it is analysed by the development team. They break down each page of the design to identify key, universal components that can be applied throughout the product. As each feature is built, it is peer reviewed to ensure it meets set standards, aligns with search engine optimisation best practice, and is consistent with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


Once the first build of the product is complete, it is tested by different in-house teams using user stories; and it is presented to the client for review. This provides a wealth of actionable feedback to use during the next development cycle and ensures that the product is meeting the needs of the client. Iteration continues until no more bugs or fundamental problems with the product are identified and the product meets the client’s satisfaction.


The final step of the development process involves handing the project over to the client. As a full service digital agency, Digitally Visible has two main options for this process. A full handover where the client has full control of the product; or a partial handover where the client handles day-to-day running but works with Digitally Visible to fix errors, tweak designs, or make largescale content changes.